24 December 2015

A New WIP Challenge

Earlier this year I challenged the ladies in my EGA chapter to complete a WIP.  Sadly, I could not live up to the Challenge.  But, I'm bringing back the Challenge for 2016, and have not committed myself to completing too many projects.  So, I should be able to reach that goal.

First, however, I have to make a decision.  I've got three projects that I'd like to complete, but can pick only one for the WIP Challenge.  Therefore, I have put it up for a vote as to which project I shall enter into the Challenge.

#1 is a Christmas stocking titled Cats on Stairs, meant to be a companion piece to hubby's stocking, and started in 1998...

#2 is called Historic Countries Sampler, designed by Papillon Creations.  It was started in 2007, and measures roughly 32" X 36"...

#3 was just recently started, in 2015, and is a design by Country Cottage Needleworks, called Santa's Village.

Check back on New Year's Day to find out which one I will be working on..  I will post my progress each month!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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