17 August 2012

The Other Side

The Other Side of the Postage Stamp Quilt A-long

As soon as I finished the front side of the Red White and Bold PSQAL, I was determined that I was done, I was not going to do anything for the reverse side of it except a solid piece of fabric. Yeah! Right! I woke up the next morning with ideas for the back.

So, I went through the fabrics that I had from the Red White and Bold line, and decided to do 5.5" blocks of solid red, solid white, and solid blue squares, with a blue border. I went into one of my cross stitch software programs, and designed up the quilt. Then on Tuesday I cut out the squares, and got them into piles by rows.

The squares are all cut...

I've got a pattern to go by...

The rows are all ready for sewing...
Wednesday morning I went into the craft room, determined to finish up the back, and this is the final result: 

Thursday morning I took both tops to the quilter, along with some of the red fabric for the binding. Funny thing is, what I thought was going to be the front is now going to be the back... Why? you ask... Since this quilt is going to a 14 year old boy, we asked a gentleman, who was waiting for his wife browsing at the quilt shop, to help us decide which would be the top or the back. This was his choice, and my hubby's choice the night before!

Pat, who owns Quilter's Cottage in Surfside, does my quilting for me. I've asked her to do big stars and little stars, using a red, white, and blue overdyed quilting thread. We had to make a decision on the front of the quilt so that she would know which side to do the quilting on. The stars will also show up better on the bolder side.

I can't wait to get it back to see what magic she has worked on it!!

The Other Side of the world, where the Needles N Crafts online group is based, has produced another exchange, this time a pincushion exchange. Vivian was in charge of this exchange, giving us our partners. I had Vivian, and Nik had me!

Now, what is more American than pie??!!?? So, I crafted a blueberry pie for Vivian. Her daughter must've been hungry:
Isn't she a sweetie?!?!?!

I added a few other items in...

 Today I received my pincushion from Nik:

It looks like a big flower!

Nik also sent a pearl brooch and a bag kit...

Included in the package was a pearl brooch (I wonder if those are real Sabah pearls and diamonds... lol) and a kit to make a felt bag. Good thing the instructions have pictures, because the directions are in Malay! I'd better get out my Malay to English dictionary, or type the Malay into Google Translator!!

So, now I'm off to stitch on the Blackbird Designs Stitch-along that MW and I are doing, and I have two Christmas ornaments do stitch up also...

Thanks for dropping by!

09 August 2012

Red White and Bold Postage Stamp Quilt

Finally!  1200 blocks later, each one a 2.5" square... the top is done!!  At first, hubby and I had some serious doubts about how this would turn out...  After all, I was using the most wild and funky print that I could find... Okay, maybe not THE most funky print that's out there, but this print is OUT THERE, if you know what I mean, lol.  Kind of reminiscent of a dress that I wore in the late 60s/early 70s (Hey! I was just entering my teens then, and everybody was into the flower power thing, lol)

a sampling of funky prints

I'm pretty sure I had a dress like the print on the left!

I started the evening with a pile of blocks:

These were all 25 Patch blocks, 48 of them...  About 7 hours later, this is the end result:

So what's next??  Well, if you'd asked me last night, I would've said just a solid piece of solid colored fabric for the back.  Of course, I woke up this morning thinking about something different for the back, like another quilt top!!  Perhaps solid red, white and blue 5.5" blocks...  After all, it would only take 192 of them...

You know what!?!?  I think I'm going to head off to Melanie's for a Stitch & Bitch session... I have some needlework to catch up on!

Thanks for dropping by!