08 November 2011

Mug Rugs and Miscellaneous

Can you believe it's been well over a month since I last blogged?!?  Truth be told, there's not been a lot to blog about, and I've been busy stitching up Christmas ornaments, now that the mug rugs have been completed.

Since the recipients, Nik and Sabariah, have received their mug rugs, I can now blog about them.

Nik LOVES all things pink!  So, there was no hesitation as to what color I was going to make her mug rug out of.  And her mug rug was to be of a 'Chinese' theme, so one of the fabrics has something similar to fans.

Lately the buzz over at our Needles n Crafts group has been about doing postage stamp quilts, so I decided to go with that for the design.

These are the fabrics that I'd bought, but didn't use all of them.  You can see the fans on the fabric next to last on the bottom right.

The pieced blocks are 1" plus seam allowance, if I remember correctly...

And the back of the mug rug...

I also included a Chinese tea cup, some fat quarters, and a couple of other goodies, but in my haste and excitement of packing it all up, well... I forgot to take pictures.  So, you'll have to wait for Nik's blog.

Sabariah is a traveller!  For her mug rug I chose a bit of a beach theme on one side, and the fabric on the back has a world map printed on it.

Don't you just want to put your bare feet into the ocean??

I wonder how many places on this map she's been to??  Her blogs of late have been all about her recent trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights!

I also added a few goodies in her box.

Here's a close up of the mug that I sent.  It's got a beach theme to match the rug.

I'll soon be attending the Seaside Stitchers retreat with Meg Shinall of the Flower Thread Company, so do check back in another week or so to read all about the retreat!

Thanks for stopping by!