03 June 2012

Postage Stamp Quilt Progress - June

Whew! Have I been busy, busy, busy!!  Jelly roll strips have been paired up, sewn together, and now I've got a LOT of cutting to do.  Well, to be truthful, I'm just one quilt behind... Let the pictures show you what I'm talking about...

This is what 240 strips look like - that's six jelly rolls, two per quilt.  Some of them are already paired and sewn, but not yet ironed open, and some are ironed.

After sewing up pairs of strips, then I had to sew two of those pairs together, plus a third strip of either a solid or a print.  This is from the 'Red, White & Bold' collection by Sandy Gervais, Moda Fabrics.

Here's a few pictures of some strip sets sewn together:



Two nights ago I'd hoped to finish sewing up the strip sets for the 'Dogwood Trail' quilt, but as I was getting the first two together, the sky was darkening.


Since I was sitting in the corner by two windows, I decided to turn off the sewing machine and start cutting rows out of 'Red, White & Bold'.

Last night I finished sewing up the strip sets for 'Dogwood Trail', and got them all ironed out, ready for cutting.  This fabric is also from Moda, from Sentimental Studios.  The colors are not really to my own liking, but I fell in love with the fabric design anyway.  Don't know why....

Matching up strip sets for 'Dogwood Trail'

Two quilts ready for cutting...

And finally, today I matched up the third quilt, 'A Morris Garden' (Barbara Brackman, Moda), into strip sets...

Now I'm off to go sew these up.  Then it's LOTS and LOTS of cutting.  Each strip set yields 17 rows, 16 strip sets per quilt, 3 quilts... 816 rows...  Here I come!!!

See you on the other side of all those rows!  Thanks for dropping by...


  1. WOW! You have been (are!) busy! They all are going to look great! You have inspired me to go cutting - lol!

  2. If I did it my way, there won't be any more cutting once the sewing starts. But there will be required a bigger space to lay out all the squares.