05 September 2011

Last Round of the Robin is Done!!

Well, the last round of the robin is done.  You know what that means??  Mine will soon be on its way back to me!!  In the meantime, I finished stitching up on June's piece.

And here's what hers is looking like overall:

I wonder what she's going to put in those other blocks??  Like me, she's going to have quite a bit of stitching left to do on hers once she gets it back.

So, keep checking back to see the progress on mine, once I get it back from MW.

Now, what to do next??  Oh yes, I've got some Antique Tile quilt blocks to sew up, and two mug rugs, and a friendship bag, and a postage stamp quilt along, and - enough already!!  I've got plenty to do!!


  1. Congrads on your completion. I am sure its gonna be fabulous once its done!

  2. OOH! Awesome! I love it! I have too many other projects going on to start any cross-stitching project!