13 May 2011

Little House Needleworks Round Robin

At the beginning of this year I started stitching on a round robin with some other ladies in the Needles N Crafts group.  All of the blocks are stitching related (i.e. Needlework School, Needlework Shoppe, etc.), and are Little House Needleworks designs.

Last night I finished stitching up Curly Q Ewe, the second block to be stitched so far this year.

I'll be sending this out the beginning of June, and then waiting to receive the next lady's RR to stitch on.  In the meantime, I'll be stitching on a birthday exchange gift.  Here's a hint...

Keep checking back to see what the end result is...


  1. Now I'm also wondering what the gift is. By the way, that embroidery looks perfect unlike mine.

  2. Ooooh! Blackwork! I can't wait to receive it :)

  3. OOOH! That Curly Q Ewe is sooo darling! I realize I have missed cross stitching, haven't done any CS since last year, too busy quilting. Can't wait to see how your other project turns out!

  4. Beautiful on the RR. Looking forward to reveal day on the BD gift.